Lời giới thiệu/Greetings

두산인프라코어 엔진 사업부장 유준호

Doosan Industrial Vehicle, through ceaseless change and innovation efforts, vows to provide the best quality and services to customers.

Welcome to Doosan Industrial Vehicle My name is Taeil Kim, Chief Executive Officer of Doosan Industrial Vehicle. I would like to extend a warm welcome to you and thank you for visiting our website.
Established in 1968, Doosan Industrial Vehicle has been determined to meet customers’ needs for material handling equipment supplies and services, and has become a pillar of Korean industry.
Based on reliable products and services, we are the number one supplier in Korea.
All our machines are designed to offer simple, powerful performance as well as operator comfort and environmental friendliness that help you to get the most from your investment. As a result, we have won a number of awards:
The World Best Awards given to the most distinguished product in 2000, the Human Engineering Design Awards conferred to superior products in terms of the driver’s convenience in 2005, and the Innovation Awards for Innovative products from the UK’s Forklift Truck Association Awards in 2014.
Our products have become a preferred product for many blue chip consumers and have helped us secure a place as one of the leading material handling brands in the world’s market.
Supplying forklifts to over 90 countries, we work with many of the world’s leading fleet users. For that, I must thank the hard work and dedication of our support staff, and our distributors and customers.
We can promise that Doosan will continuously endeavor to meet the high standards our customers demand and offer the best value for money products available.
I hope that you find our site informative and helpful, and look forward to working with you in the future.
Thank you.

Doosan Industrial Vehicle CEO
Taeil Kim