Dịch vụ & Phụ tùng / Parts and Services

Dịch vụ & Phụ tùng/Parts and Services

Doosan Corporation Industrial Vehicle (DIV) makes it a top priority to deliver high quality services to the customers and to be the best business partner to dealers and agents.

DIV Parts Distribution Center provides only genuine parts for customer services, and are equipped with facilities and organizations to manage parts in their respective regions in order to provide best services to customers.

On-time delivery of parts to dealers and the high availability – DIV’s top priority is customer satisfaction.

DIV Parts Distribution Center maintain appropriate stocks of genuine parts to proactively respond to customer demand, and aim to maintain the best availability for customers. In order to create an environment in which dealers can proactively respond to customer needs, DIV provides them with Recommended Spare Parts List (RSP), as well as Initial Stock Parts List (ISP List) after selling new models, based on the accumulated sales of vehicles.

All of DIV dealers place orders for parts via Doobiz (DIV’s web ordering system). Where the Internet connection is unavailable, dealers request orders via e-mail or fax. Using the Doobiz website, DIV's dealers can not only place orders and check prices and stock information in real time, but they can also check the order handling process and backorder information.

DIV promptly assesses parts claims received by dealers and, depending on the assessment results, offers free replacement and parts return services.

Doosan Corporation Industrial Vehicle (DIV) produces and supplies high-quality pure parts for its finished products.

DIV's genuine products are supplied to its customers through Doosan’s authorized agents and dealers.

DIV's genuine products are managed from carry-in to carry-out in accordance with a thorough quality inspection procedure. They are attached with the prescribed parts tags before being packed and stamped with the Doosan logo.

DIV's genuine parts, based on their select quality, ensure worker safety, and maximize the service life of equipment. Guarantee services are also provided for DIV's genuine parts.

If parts whose quality is unproven or non-genuine parts are used, it may cause a malfunction of the equipment. Any product with critical defects arising from the use of non-genuine parts etc. will not be eligible for DIV’s guarantee service.

Doosan Industrial Vehicle (DIV) qualified service engineers conduct delivery inspections and regular inspections, and handle customer complaints.

To further improve its service quality, Doosan Industrial Vehicle sends its service engineers on training courses, issues them with a technical service bulletin, and provides them with special equipment and devices. DIV’s A/S activities are based on a mobile system designed to guarantee the fastest services. DIV is gaining its customers’ confidence with high product quality and superior after-sales service.

Using a unique mobile A/S system, field engineers can make inquiries and acquire essential information in the field to respond immediately to customer complaints. Comprehensive technical information in the system can be remotely accessed to be used to offer better services.

Domestic Service Network

Doosan Industrial Vehicle operates a nationwide service network comprising 33 free-of-charge service dealers, 42 authorized maintenance centers, and 36 spare parts distributors.
- Helpdesk for dealer service: 1688-6262

Dealers (33)

General dealer (27)

Gyeongin (10), Gangwon (1), Chungcheong (3), Honam (3), Yeongnam (9), Jeju (1)

Electric forklift dealer (6)

Gyeongin(1), Chungcheong (1), Honam (1), Yeongnam (3)

Authorized Maintenance Centers (42)

Dealer workshop (13)
Authorized workshop (29)

Gyeongin (18), Chungcheong (7), Honam (2), Yeongnam (15)

Spare Parts Dealers (36)

Spare parts dealer (4)
Spare parts distributor (32)

Gyeongin (15), Gangwon (1),Chungcheong (1), Honam (6),Yeongnam (12), Jeju (1)