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Customer Education

Operation of educational program for small construction machine operation

Course outline

In order to ensure safer operation for customers and to foster forklift operation experts, DIV supports a course that enables trainees to obtain the small construction machine driver’s license.

About forklift, a small construction machine

  • Forklifts with a maximum lifting weight of under 3 tons are classed in the small construction machine category.
  • The small construction machine driver’s license can be obtained as follows. Pursuant to the Construction Machine Management Act, Article 26, Section 2, and the Enforcement Rule, Article 74, applicants are awarded a course completion certificate upon successfully completing 12 hours of training at DIV’s entrusted DI Ansan Technology Training Center. Applicants are issued with the license upon submitting the certificate to the competent government agency.


  • DIV provides free education to each customer (either the customer or an employee thereof) who, within 3 months of submitting a request for education, is contracted to buy a Doosan engine-type forklift with a maximum lifting weight of 3 tons, or a Doosan electric-type forklift with pneumatic tires with a maximum lifting weight of 3 tons.
  • Applicants must be aged 18 or older, in good health, and have a first-class car driver’s license (normal, large type). (Applicants with a second-class car driver’s license, who have had no accidents for over 7 years, and who have obtained a first-class car driver’s license are eligible for training.)
  • Dormitory, meals, and textbooks are provided free of charge.

Training courses

Offline education comprises theory (6 hours per group) and practice (6 hours per person).

Application procedure

An application can be made via the dealer from whom the applicant has bought a forklift. For further details, please contact the dealer.

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